– Faq –

Is this a free event?

Yes! Entry to the Portland Flea is free.


When is the market open? 

The market is open from 11am - 4pm on the last Sunday of every month (except December & January!). See the full list of dates here


Can kids come to the Flea?

Yes! The market is open to all ages. 


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are welcomed at the Flea. Leashes required!


Is the market cash-only?

Nope. Vendors accept both cash and debit/credit cards.


Is the Flea open even if it's raining?

Yes, the market is open rain or shine (this is Portland, after all). During the cold weather months (February, March, October, November), the Flea will be fully tented and/or partially indoors, inside Rejuvenation. April-September, we’re fully outdoors!

What should I bring?

Warmer days -- sunscreen, water. 

Colder days -- umbrella, waterproof bag. 

Every time -- comfortable shoes, measuring tape, a means of transportation (in case your new treasures can't be delivered) & friends!

How do I become a vendor? 

All information on applying to be a vendor can be found here